A day in the officeThe good stories

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Fri, June 12, 2015 22:16:12

On days like this I have to pinch myself that this is my gorgeous reality. For my life really could not get any better than this. I meet new people, many of them struggling to make a living and I can make a huge difference to their lives, I am somewhere exotic, yeey bye bye bordom! and together we created new useful things of beauty and I get to spend all day with my son who is getting a topp class life experience education.

I spend the morning in the carpet souk checking orders for new carpets and old carpets cut up in pieces and made into pouffs and cushions. Blog imageThen I had a lovely couscous lunch which is a must on a friday.
After that Sid and I went to vist the guys that are producing our new wood serie for the fall. really amazing to see them work and god what a beautiful place they live in. Having tea in the sun, Sid got to practice some wood work with them and we designed some new pieces of furniture.
Loving life and its precious gifts.

Inspiration MilanoSidSid products

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Sat, May 09, 2015 11:23:18

Arriving back last night buzzing with life energy and inspiration from two lovely days in Milano.
Milano for me brings back great memories from intense but wonderful fashion years as a top hairdresser flying out every season to work backstage at the big fashion shows. A job I really really loved. The adrenalin, the creations and the excitement of being part of something really happening.

This time I was there to just fill up inspiration and life energy from beautiful interiors and cools shops as well as having some family time. SO no high heeled fashion parties any more but not to say I am not enjoying this as much now.

Thank you Milano. We love you!!

guests arriving in douar bou azza.Marrakech and its surroundings

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Wed, April 29, 2015 10:57:10

How lucky am I!!! To have created such a cool job for myself!!

I life in africa, I do a good job of supporting poor communities, I still do hair styling, I organize yoga trips and today I pick up 15 people at the airport, ready to experience the Marrakech behind the tourist scenes. And two of the wonderful people arriving today are really gifted superheroes of marketing, here to work on my new project!!! How cool is all this.

Had to share with you some pictures from my house this morning. Check out the gigantic super ant!!

Saving the planetThe good stories

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Fri, April 17, 2015 08:10:12

At SidSid we sell sooooo much Ceramic. And we are so happy about that. But every time we had to order more and more packaging material we felt so bad. We didn't want to use all this plastic to sell our beautiful stuff.
Blog imageYet the transports within Sweden are really hard for our ceramic, Its not like the DHL people would carry it with the same pride and joy that we do. So with inspiration from a french ceramic company we found a much better solution. A huge bunch of straw from a local farmer arrived and we are now packing all of our precious ceramic in natural straw.
Blog imageEnvironmentally sustainable and affordable. A great solution.

Blog image

BE MarrakechMarrakech and its surroundings

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Mon, April 06, 2015 22:10:56

Blog imageWell done to our creative sweet friends Mohamed and Nicole who have done such a great job of creating an unusually vibrant and cool riad in Bab Doukkala, Marrakech. Mohamed is a native Moroccan from the mountains and his girlfriend Nicole is Swiss. They opened their riad about a year ago and already it is standing out from the big crowd of roads in the old medina. Blog image
The riad has five rooms all decorated individually with great comfort and style.
Blog image
Mohamed and Nicole are very helpful and involved in art and culture in Marrakech.
Blog image
Watch this!

Book here.

Our new favourite plates shot by our favorit food inspiration. Earthsprout.SidSid products

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Tue, March 24, 2015 13:41:20

Elenore Bendel Zahn, our favourite food Raw food expert and wonderful woman happen to love our new plates as much as we do. The Organic plates domes in a serie of 3 plates. All white, handmade out of the best lead free clay on the market. It is just made for a healthy lifesyle.

Blog imageElenores blogg is just pure delight when it comes to photography and food. You really need to check it out here it is just so lush. I can also recommend here gorgeous app with raw breakfasts available at the site.

Blog imageThe plates are available to order at our webshop.

Blog image

More gorgeous floorsSidSid products

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Sun, March 22, 2015 21:20:01

Very exited to bring in some new handmade cement floors from our hardworking guys in the floor factory.
All our floor is made and packed without using child labour!!

A day of relaxation in Marrakechlife inspiration

Posted by Annakarin Sjöberg Sat, March 14, 2015 16:18:31

This morning I left 15 fantastic guests at the airport after one of our 4 days shopping and adventure trips.
They were ll doing really great at getting into the Marrakech life! All the shopping were finished last night as we sat down for dinner and this morning at 8 we left for the airport.
So today is a day of relaxation.

So here is my day of relaxation:
First I go to the garden shop looking at banana threes and avocado plants is just so refreshing.

Blog image
Then I go to the ceramic factory and chill out. Plan some new models and have a tea in the sunshine.

Blog image

The problem with morocco though is that where event i look there is inspiration and amazing things so it is just not possible to turn working mode off completely. Look at this sofa. Just love it. Such an amazing place!!
Blog image

Might just take a nap in the sun! See you all tomorrow!