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Finding my calling.

The good storiesPosted by Annakarin Sjöberg Thu, June 27, 2013 18:51:51

For sure an interesting life.

I woke up this morning, doing my mediation. reaching for the deepest possible peace within… may this be the day I experience enlightenment.

I live part time in a muslim country with strong religious views, every day I meet people and get involved in their lives and their views and challenges in life. I get very close to them and I love hearing their stories.

A few years ago I left fashion in search of something to give me more meaning. Strong emotions, life challenges forced me to do some intense work on myself. I was on my way to drop my past career as a fashionista to enter the alternative crowd. yet I choose to go into business. Why? For two reasons: I want to make a difference to the way businesses are run especially in the area of fashion. I want to bring awareness, enlightenment into business. and secondly to be able to cross borders into other religions and with an open mind bringing the values of the world no matter what religion towards peace and unity. THIS is my calling. To believe in what I feel from inside and live it out. And after I found this calling I realize I can do it better amongst every day people that just within seekers communities.

As I am writing this I am sitting in the chaos of a dusty, hectic ceramic stockroom, the sales man, a large built moroccan berber man is working at a slow pace, collecting my order of handmade bowls, plates, mugs, jugs and jars. It's 42 degrees hot and it is taking forever.

Perfect place to practice inner peace reminding myself what I am here for.