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Meet Abdellah-coworker at SidSid

The good storiesPosted by Annakarin Sjöberg Fri, June 28, 2013 13:03:50

Meet Abdellah.

Abdellah is from a berber village in the high Atlas.

He is the eldest of 10 siblings. He's from a family of carpet producers.

He has little formal education but left his village at the age of 16 to create a life for himself.

Abdellah now works in a small carpet shop in Marrakech. Has taught himself 4 languages. His one dream in life is to be able to buy a small house, get a wife and have children. This is quite far of as property in Marrakech is very expensive and he's modest salary of 160€ monthly is hard to save on. Even though he dreams of traveling he can not quite see it happening as visas out of Morocco are so expensive. SidSid has given him one of the used computers donated by Swedish people to able him to start a business on the internet, receiving orders internationally. A computer has also been given to one of the brothers in the family, Ibrahim as a step towards his big dream of becoming an IT technician.

SidSid works with Addellah in giving him small extra jobs to add to his very modest salary helping him towards his one dream

SidSid also coaches him and his colleges in better sales towards other buyers and tourists by education them on how to meet the needs of the westerners, encourages them to learn english and most of all they are there to help him in times of crisis.

To help the women of Abdellas family SidSid by their handpicked organic saffron from the mountains and sell it in our shop. Which is an absolute delight as it is the number one saffron of the world.

SidSid are also helping to set up a community organization in his home village where they can get together and build a community house, ask for support for education such as used computers, sewing machines and books for school. This is a project SidSid will set up but hand over to volunteers in Sweden such as a Swedish school or organization who is filling to support them and continue the relationship. To find out more about taking over one of these projects contact

SidSid will continue to encourage Abdellah in his progress, coach him towards his goal and give him opportunities in form of a workspace free from hierarchy, corruption and organisations based on power.

SidSid- it is all about the people and the art.